Restaurants in Beaufort, SC

Beaufort’s Most Famous Dishes

Sauced pulled pork -- some soft, some chewy-edged -- overflow from a bun

Pulled Pork

Sweet corn with pepper spice


Two rib bones are laden with a great mass of spice-crusted, smoke-cooked beef

BBQ Ribs

Plate of cabbage mixed with coils of pork


Beaufort’s Best Restaurants

Sgt. White’s Diner - Sign
Sgt. White’s Diner


Blackstone’s Café - Corned Beef Hash
Blackstone’s Cafe


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The Few The Proud The Barbecue

ONE OF THE MOST EUPHORIC moments of our eating career was the first time our eyes adjusted to the darkness inside Sgt. White's Diner and the buffet came into...

Blackstone's Cafe - Sign

A Day in the Low Country

Both Savannah and Charleston are culinary Meccas; between them is a paradise of good eats. Meandering up the coast, have breakfast at Blackstone's Cafe (shrimp & grits, please!) and...

Laurel Diner - Corned Beef Hash

Heavenly Corned Beef Hash

The only possible happy exclamation incited by corned beef hash spooned from a can is "Arf!" But freshly chopped and sizzled to a crisp, crowned with poached eggs eager...


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