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Montreal is home to a rich lode of Jewish food (kosher and not), ranging from the city’s unique and justly famous bagels to its own version of pastrami, known as smoked meat. Just up the street from Schwartz’s, which is Smoked-Meat Central, you’ll find one of the finest steak dinners in North America at Moishe’s, where side dishes include marvelous latkes (potato pancakes) and meals begin with chopped liver or herring in cream sauce. Moishe’s also serves a culinary oxymoron: high-end poutine, which is topped not just with gravy, but with slices of charcoal-cooked filet mignon. Au Pied de Cochon’s poutine goes even further by topping the French fries and cheese curds with foie gras sauce and pate. No culinary visit to La Métropole would be complete without a baloney & salami sandwich at Wilensky’s Light Lunch and a kitchen sink “Mish Mash” omelet at Beauty’s Luncheonette.

Montréal’s Most Famous Dishes

Freshly baked assorted bagels for sale, hung on wall pegs


Cafeteria tray holds a square meal of BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, collards, cornbread, sweet tea, and banana pudding

Dinner Platters

Finely chopped pork and cole slaw piled in a bun

Barbecue Sandwich

Bakery-fresh loaf of Italian bread, resting on the bag it was sold in

Bread & Rolls

Montréal’s Best Restaurants

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