Restaurants in Astoria, OR

On the south shore of the Columbia River, Astoria dates back to the early 19th century. It’s still a working port, and some favorite Roadfood restaurants provide a view of it. At Bowpicker the scenery is something else: the restaurant itself, an old fishing boat, now landlocked, turned into a walk-up diner selling superb albacore fish & chips. Naturally, all manner of seafood is big in this part of the world. Look for chowder, salmon hash, fish tacos, crab Louie, and local oysters. Plus, of course, excellent coffee and pastries to go with it. For the latter, check out the Blue Scorcher Bakery Cafe, a workers’ collective that is earth-friendly with vegan and vegetarian options and makes out-of-this-world chocolate babka cupcakes and Irish brown butter cake with mascarpone filling.

Astoria’s Most Famous Dishes

Chocolate layer cake frosted with caramel and pecans

Chocolate Cake

Glass cup of dark, dark espresso with a slightly foamy head


Stack of thin, plate-wide gingerbread pancakes is topped with a globe of butter.


Ginger-glazed block of grilled salmon rests on a bed of quinoa, corn, broccoli, and kale.


Astoria’s Best Restaurants

Charlie’s Chowder House


Astoria Coffee House & Bistro


Blue Scorcher Bakery Cafe




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