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In the 1920s in El Reno, Oklahoma, a restaurant named the Hamburger Inn created the onion-fried burger, now a signature dish of the Sooner State, El Reno in particular. Not merely a hamburger with fried onions, it is a patty of meat that has become one with its onions — a savory/sweet package with an especially enticing aroma. Onion-fried burgers have become popular beyond El Reno, but in this town, restaurants do not bother to list onion-fried burgers on the menu. When you order a hamburger, you get an onion-fried burger unless you specifically instruct the cook to leave the onions out. Almost every place that makes onion-fried burgers also offers El Reno’s unique take on the Coney Island hot dog: a wiener buried underneath crazy amounts of chili and wet, sweet slaw.

El Reno’s Most Famous Dishes

Two bunned hot dogs covered with chili and shredded cheddar cheese

Coney Island

Burger with onions fused into it is sided by pickle chips

Onion Fried Burger

Wedge of pie with tall yellow base and even taller meringue, flecked with toasted coconut


Strawberry shake in a tall soda fountain glass is accompanied by a silver beaker of extra milk shake for refills at Sand Creek Cafe in Auburn, WI


El Reno’s Best Restaurants

Close view of onion-fried burger ... burgers & coney islands


Double onion-fried burger on a plate with pickles
Johnnie’s Grill


Onion-fried burger with pickle chips
Robert’s Grill


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Great El Reno Recipes

Oklahoma Onion-Fried Burger


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