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Canton’s two favorite Roadfood restaurants started separately but now are owned by the same family. Kennedy’s BBQ is a unique place where the barbecue is nothing like what you’d expect. Yes, the lead item is pork, but sliced pork from a roast; and it is paired not with BBQ sauce but with bright, pickly cole slaw and piled into a bun so high that utensils are essential. It’s a tiny place, serving meals since 1922. The Taggarts, who now own it, opened their ice cream parlor at the other side of town four years later, and it endures as one of the nation’s best. Sundaes are beautifully constructed in proper soda fountain glassware; bittersweet hot fudge sauce is peerless; and when a sundae calls for nuts, expect crisp-toasted, salted pecans. Taggart’s is known to ice cream connoisseurs for its Bittner, named after a customer who wanted a really thick milk shake. Pre-dating Ted Drewes’ concrete, the Bittner is a heap of ice cream whirred in the blender with chocolate syrup but no milk, topped with toasted pecans.

Canton’s Most Famous Dishes

Scoops of strawberry, pistachio, and vanilla ice cream accompany a slice of 4-layer chocolate cake.

Ice Cream

Cup of chili topped with cheese and chopped raw onions


Fried pork chop sandwich is garnished with sweet, zesty chili sauce

Pork Sandwich

Gravy spills across a pile of just-carved turkey in an open-face fandwich, with sides of mashed potatoes and cole slaw.

Turkey Sandwich

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