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Travelers along I-95 through North Carolina know Wilson as a great place to stop and eat. For a quick meal without fuss, Flo’s Kitchen is a jewel. There’s a full breakfast menu, but biscuits are its claim to fame — baked and served from 4am until noon. They are broad, soft, and buttery, just right for sandwiching country ham, sausage-egg-cheese, or a cluster of crisp-fried fatback. Flo’s has minimal indoor seating; most business is at the drive-through window. Parker’s BBQ is a legend, going back to the 1940s when tobacco farmers made it their gathering place for lunch as well as family dinners. It is a huge enterprise with a classic eastern North Carolina menu: barely-sauced chopped pork is accompanied by boiled potatoes, hushpuppies, corn sticks, cole slaw, and Brunswick stew. Meals are served by the plate or family-style.

Wilson’s Most Famous Dishes

Tall, gnarled-top light gold biscuit


Sweet corn with pepper spice


A bowl of finely chopped sweet coleslaw at McClard's Bar-B-Q


Fried Chicken

Wilson’s Best Restaurants

Biscuit sandwiches plenty of bacon.
Flo’s Kitchen




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