Restaurants in Wilmington, NC

From spectacular dive-bar burgers to elegant, cutting-edge cuisine, Wilmington, North Carolina, has a meal for every taste and budget. The burgeoning downtown dining scene includes high-stylin’ cafes with devoted farm (and sea)-to-table cookery as well as a vintage urban diner with a take-no-prisoners waitstaff. At the high end of the dining spectrum, Pinpoint Restaurant delivers a magnificent taste of coastal Carolina, always with a contemporary twist. For example, catfish is brined and smoked before getting fried; cornbread soup is festooned with crisped country ham; brownies are available a la moded with roasted dandelion root ice cream. One place that does it all and has it all is Pine Valley Market. It’s a grocery store, artisan butcher, wine shop, and lunchroom where the menu includes outlandish bacon jam burgers with pimento cheese and Texas Pete aioli as well as salubrious veggie wraps to please those on a diet.

Wilmington’s Most Famous Dishes

A bowl of grits, creamy and orange with cheese


Tall, gnarled-top light gold biscuit


Cup of chili topped with cheese and chopped raw onions


Big circular plate holds a cake of golden, crisp-edge hash brown potatoes.


Wilmington’s Best Restaurants

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