Restaurants in Utica, NY

Utica’s Most Famous Dishes

Char-crust New Haven pizza topped with crushed tomatoes and a bit of grated cheese... but no mozzarella

Tomato Pie (Northeast)

A cup of poutine is topped with gravy-drizzled cheese curds.

Cheese Curds

Children's dessert: upside-down ice cream cones with faces on the scoops of ice cream


Chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting ... all butter all the time

Chocolate Dishes

Utica’s Best Restaurants

Florentine Pastry Shop - Coconut Cream Pustie
Florentine Pastry Shop


Half a tomato pie at Roma Sausage & Deli
Roma Sausage & Deli


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Carminuccio’s - Stern Special

The Best Pizza In America | Roadfood Bests

Is there another dish as diverse as pizza? It can be an utterly simple tomato pie – nothing but sauce on crust – or it can be a multi-meat...

24 slices of tomato pie at Roma Sausage & Deli

Pizza: Original Tomato Pies of the Northeast | Roadfood Bests

Original Northeastern Tomato Pies The original tomato pies in cities of the Northeast were simply flatbreads topped with crushed tomatoes, spice and maybe a few anchovies or a sprinkle of...


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