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BBQ aficionados know Syracuse, New York, as home of the original Dinosaur Bar-b-que, which opened in 1988 with a biker-bar, honky-tonk ambience and soon grew into a small chain of restaurants, most of them upstate. Roadfooders in search of something less audacious favor local diners (of which Syracuse has several). Many of them specialize in frittatas — a favorite dish in this part of the world, where it most often features a combo of pepperoni and broccoli. Some of the best are made at Mother’s Cupboard, a tiny shack known for its giant 6-pound frittata (mere 3-pounders and 1/4 size frittatas also are available). A popular variation of the frittata, known locally as a fretta, is made with all the same ingredients, but scrambled up together rather than arranged.

Syracuse’s Most Famous Dishes

Strawberry shake in a tall soda fountain glass is accompanied by a silver beaker of extra milk shake for refills


A plated stack of 5 hefty pancakes with pitchers of melted butter and syrup


Chunky fried potatoes accompany breakfast eggs

Home Fries

Biscuit is topped with sausage as well as fried chicken and pimento cheese

Biscuits & Gravy

Syracuse’s Best Restaurants

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