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Plattsburgh has a chili dog all its own, named the Michigan. Why is it called a Michigan? One theory is that the chili recipe was created by a cook originally from Michigan. Another says that an employee of Clare & Carl’s, the first restaurant in town to serve them, used to tell people, “I’m from Michigan. Would you like to try one of our chili dogs?” Wherever it came from, the name stuck and the Michigan became a local passion—served at summertime stands, in grocery stores, and at one point in the cafeteria at the Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Medical Center. Even up in Quebec, casse-croutes (roadside snack bars) often have Michigans listed on the menu along with poutine and guidilles. A proper Michigan is presented in a tender bun that is similar to the traditional Northeast split-top but thicker at the bottom and closed at both ends, forming a trough to contain the sloppy topping. The chili is thick with minced meat, kaleidoscopically spiced, not at all sweet, and just barely hot. Chopped raw onions and yellow mustard are the expected condiments.

Plattsburgh’s Most Famous Dishes

Two bunned hot dogs topped with chili, mustard, and chopped raw onions


Plattsburgh’s Best Restaurants

Clare and Carl’s


Gus’s Restaurant


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Two bunned hot dogs topped with chili, mustard, and chopped raw onions

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