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We’d recommend going to Chatham, New York, just to eat at BenGable Savories. It’s a snug town cafe that is foremost a bakery, turning out creme fraiche biscuits, sour cherry scones, blueberry corn bread, sour cream coffee cake, and more. BenGable doesn’t bake its own baguettes, but it secures the best, and uses them not only for brilliant sandwiches, but as a breakfast basic: a length of bread sliced lengthwise, toasted and buttered, drizzled with honey and speckled with coarse salt. Or you can have the toasted bread buttered, salted, and spread with bittersweet chocolate. Another highly recommended destination in this charming Hudson Valley town is a restaurant called Blue Plate — an ironic name, considering that most of what it serves is cordon bleu: mussels meuniere, ramps veiled in tempura batter, grilled chicken paillard, braised short ribs bolognese, and sticky toffee pudding for dessert.

Chatham’s Most Famous Dishes

5 layer cake: 5 flavors, 5 colors


Tall, gnarled-top light gold biscuit


Modest square of coffee cake shows veins of cinnamon and judicious streusel top

Coffee Cake

Pink, butter-sauced shrimp surround a mound of thin spaghetti noodles


Chatham’s Best Restaurants

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