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Chile pod with puffy fried coat is smothered with hot salsa

Chile Relleno

Blue corn enchilada, Christmas style -- with both red and green chile


Cup of chili topped with cheese and chopped raw onions


Four cups of salsa, ready to apply to a meal


La Mesa’s Best Restaurants

Chope’s - Stuffed Sopaipilla
Chope’s | New Mexico Spells Chile With an “E” | Las Cruces


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Great Pod Almighty

Our PIP2s are just fine, which is a good thing because the PIP2-impaired are in for trouble if they try to eat their way along the Rio Grande through...

Chilies growing in the field

The Chili Trail

In West Texas and New Mexico, chiles are a way of life. Long green ones soak up the sun in the summer and ripen in the fall, and fiery...

Road trip through New Mexico | What to eat

Road trip through New Mexico Take a road trip and eat your way through El Camino Real "The Royal Road" through New Mexico. In addition to spectacular natural beauty, you...

Chope’s - Combo Plate with Chile Relleno

Hot Chile Day in Southern New Mexico

The Mesilla Valley in southern New Mexico is chile central, where the best are grown and where the hot pod is enjoyed at every meal. If you want to...

Bowl of chili with onions, cheese & chips ... chili nation

Chili Nation | Where's The Best? | Roadfood Bests

Chili is like DNA: everybody's is different. Texans claim (rightfully) that history proves theirs to be the first. Or at least they were the first to make a big...

A plat of sopaipillas at Nellie's restaurant in Las Cruces, NM

Sopaipilla Quest

Sopaipillas are are made from dough that is rolled out very thin, cut into small sections, then tossed into boiling oil, preferably lard. The lard makes the pieces of...

Taco Temple Combo Plate

Chile Rellenos

At their best, made from roasted chilies that still have muscular vegetable walls, stuffed with cream-rich molten cheese and haloed in a coat of featherweight batter fried to a...


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