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Edison’s Most Famous Dishes

Oblong bowl of chicken and dumplings and gravy is backed by turnip greens, creamed corn, and beans.

Savory Dumplings

5 layer cake: 5 flavors, 5 colors


A fried seafood platter of oysters, scallops, shrimp, onion rings, and hushpuppies, plus a cup of cole slaw

All Things Fried

Glistening broad noodles are laced with pork.


Edison’s Best Restaurants

Wonder Seafood


Harold’s New York Deli - Triple Decker
Harold’s New York Deli


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Laurel Diner - Corned Beef Hash

Heavenly Corned Beef Hash

The only possible happy exclamation incited by corned beef hash spooned from a can is "Arf!" But freshly chopped and sizzled to a crisp, crowned with poached eggs eager...

Pastrami Sandwich Honor Roll

Steamy hot, soft and supple, perfumed by spice and smoke, infused with the dripping succulence of animal fat, pastrami is the most voluptuous of delicatessen meats. Great pastrami sandwiches...


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