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Branson, Missouri, is a city of countless entertainment theaters, not to mention zip lines, wax museums, mini-golf courses, and uninteresting restaurants. Beyond the show-biz facade, there are plenty of really good places to eat. In fact, some restaurants that cater to tourists do a fine job serving honest Ozark vittles, like the pork tenderloin at the always-crowded downtown Branson Cafe, or good smoke-cooked meats at Danna’s BBQ & Burger Shop, or cinnamon rolls at Grandma Ruth’s (where there really IS a Grandma Ruth). Our favorites include a from-scratch bakery that makes brilliant salads (and cookies) as well as the Keeter Center restaurant, where a staff of students work their way through College of the Ozarks by serving brilliant farm-to-table fare that includes bacon from hogs raised on premises and ice cream from the campus creamery.

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