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Gray’s Most Famous Dishes

Plate holds two dark bran muffins, infused with honey


Corned beef boiled dinner

Yankee Corned Beef & Cabbage

Buttery, creamy chowder is packed with shrimp, clams, and fish


Chicken, gravy, and vegetables tumble from under the savory crust in which they were baked

Chicken Pot Pie

Gray’s Best Restaurants

Cole Farms - Franks & Beans
Cole Farms


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Speaking Frankly

Cole Farms waitress Dawn Ross grieves as she arrives at our booth with a steaming-hot plate of franks and beans: “The red hot dog is going the way of...

Maine Diner - Indian Pudding

Yankee Indian Pudding | Roadfood Bests

Indian pudding is one of New England’s fundamental comfort foods. Despite its name, it is not a native American dish adapted by colonist cooks. Early settlers considered just about...


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