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Shreveport is in northern Louisiana, far from Acadia and the Gulf, but there’s fine Cajun food and seafood even up here. At Herby-K’s, which has been a town favorite since 1936, the menu ranges from gumbo to burgers and from catfish to club sandwiches, but the one must-eat dish is a shrimp buster — on the menu since 1945. It’s a quartet of butterflied fried shrimp spread out across toasted and buttered French bread accompanied by shrimp buster sauce, which is a lemony, buttery, vaguely BBQ-like potion that is great for dipping both shrimp and French fries. In this fine old joint, even the tartar sauce is made in house. There’s nothing distinctly Louisianian about Strawn’s Eat Shop, a Shreveport town favorite since 1944. What it is, is a wonderful Dixie small-town cafe with a square-meals menu and pies to die for — especially the icebox pies, strawberry and peach.

Shreveport’s Most Famous Dishes

Wedge of pie with tall yellow base and even taller meringue, flecked with toasted coconut


Peach slices peek out from under the rugged pastry crust of a pie slice on a china plate.

Peach Pie

On a partitioned plate, a slab of sweet-sauced meatloaf accompanied by black-eyed peas, mac & cheese, and cornbread

Meat Loaf

Pink, butter-sauced shrimp surround a mound of thin spaghetti noodles


Shreveport’s Best Restaurants

A slice of cream-topped stawberry ice box pie
Strawn’s Eat Shop




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