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Exterior view of Andre's Cajun Cracklins
Andre’s Cajun Cracklins | Best Roadside Boudin?


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Golden-crusted, irregularly-shaped bite-size pieces of cracklin are eaten off the paper bag in which they were purchased.

Cajun Cracklins; the One True King of the South

King of the South Cracklins rule throughout the South. They are the star ingredient in many cornbreads; they are fantastic strewn into a barbecue sandwich at Perry’s Pig in Augusta,...

Rugged mix of meat, rice, and spice inside a smoked boudin link

Louisiana Cajun Country Boudin Sausage

West of New Orleans from Baton Rouge to St. Charles and from the swamps of Avery Island to the prairies of Evangeline Parish, hundreds of places sell boudin sausage....


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