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Lafayette is the de facto capital of Cajun Louisiana. It is the place to savor boudin sausage in all its glory — at butcher shops, groceries, roadside stands, gas stations, and even some restaurants. Sit down Cajun meals that go beyond sausage are casual but brilliant at T-Coon’s (rabbit, beignets, crawfish) and more fancy fare at the long-established Prejean’s, which is a big, boisterous eating hall that serves crawfish in every imaginable configuration and three kinds of gumbo. Not-necessarily Cajun fare includes world-class hamburgers at Judice Inn, breakfast biscuits at Edie’s Express next to a gas station, sweet potato pancakes at Dwyer’s Cafe, and famous “pink cookies” at Champagne’s bakery down in Breaux Bridge.

Lafayette’s Most Famous Dishes

Big circular plate holds a cake of golden, crisp-edge hash brown potatoes.


Puffy square pastries blanketed with powdered sugar


Plate crowded with breakfast of eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, and ham ... sweet Ozark eats

Breakfast Dishes

Cheeseburger is stacked in a bun with tomato and lettuce on a sunny outdoor table.


Lafayette’s Best Restaurants

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