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Home of the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame, Owensboro, Kentucky, lays claim to being the BBQ Capital of the World. Whether or not that’s true, it definitely is the BBQ mutton capital, where aged lamb is the priority meat. Unlike the subtle elegance of smoke-laced pork that is more typically southern, mutton packs a wallop, its sharp sheep tang minimally tempered by hours of smoke. The result is succulence to the max. Mutton customarily is dressed with “dip” — a sort of au-jus version of barbecue sauce — and every restaurant that serves it also offers the old Kentucky jumble soup known as burgoo.

Owensboro’s Most Famous Dishes

Macaroni & cheese, spangled with herbs, comes in a small cast-iron pot

Macaroni and Cheese

BBQ-sauced beans in a blue bowl

BBQ Beans

Custard, sliced bananas, crumbled Nilla wafers, and meringue are crowded in a diner bowl

Banana Pudding

Huge, crisp-fried wiener schnitzel is accompanied by little dumplings and apple sauce


Owensboro’s Best Restaurants

Moonlite Bar-B-Q


Old Hickory Bar-B-Que


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