Restaurants in Hamlin, IA

Hamlin’s Most Famous Dishes

Crisp-fried tenderloin, topped with tomato, onion, and lettuce, extends far beyond the burger bun that holds it

Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

Plated roast chicken in a pool of savory natural juices

Chicken Dishes

"Dam sandwich": Ribeye steak shares space with a burger and cheese in this foot-tall sandwich

Steak Sandwich


Hamlin’s Best Restaurants

Tenderloin extends beyond its bun ... Iowa tenderloin at its best ... Iowa tenderloin at its best
Darrell’s Place | Iowa Tenderloin at its Best


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The One Must-Eat Food in Each State, and Where To Get It

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Iowa I-80

Interstate 80 is the most efficient East-West route between New Jersey and San Francisco, but long stretches of it are a culinary wasteland. Not Iowa, where memorable heartland eats...

Smitty’s Tenderloin Shop - King tenderloin

Iowa Tenderloins

There are excellent tenderloins in Indiana, and some in Illinois, but no state has as many great ones as Iowa. By tenderloin, we don't mean a roast that requires...


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