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Gravy-sopped Italian beef piled into a length of bread with spicy vegetable giardiniera

Italian Beef

Frosty lemon-flavored slush rises high above the paper cup that contains it.

Italian Ice

Crusty grilled sausage occupies a long bun with a great spill of giardiniera (pickled vegetables)

Sausage Sandwich

Cafeteria tray holds a square meal of BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, collards, cornbread, sweet tea, and banana pudding

Dinner Platters

Elmwood Park’s Best Restaurants

Johnnie’s | Italian Beef Is The Ultimate Chicago Sandwich


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Poppy seed bun holds hot dog with mustard, relish, and pickle spear

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Gravy-sopped Italian beef piled into a length of bread with spicy vegetable giardiniera

Chicago Italian Beef

More New-World than Old-Country, the Italian beef sandwich was invented on Chicago's near West Side and it has become a city signature dish as beloved as red hots. It...


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