Restaurants in Cicero, IL

Cicero’s Most Famous Dishes

Plated roast chicken in a pool of savory natural juices

Chicken Dishes

Sub sandwich holds large meatballs festooned with carrots and other vegetables typical of a banh mi sandwich

Meatball Sub

Paper cup contains dark chocolate and French vanilla gelato


Ravioli with rich tomato sauce


Cicero’s Best Restaurants

Eggplant baked around seasoned veal, topped with melted cheese, in a pool of fruity tomato sauce
Freddy’s Pizzeria


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Smashed crispyburger, fully dressed

Route 66 Classics: 21 Affordable Eateries from Chicago to Los Angeles

What a yummy trip it is to eat one's way from Chicago to L.A. along old Route 66! This tour of 21 excellent stops along the way includes some...

Poppy seed bun holds hot dog with mustard, relish, and pickle spear

The Best Chicago Foods | Roadfood Bests

Whatever you like to eat, Chicago has it – humble and swanky, familiar and exotic, healthful and decadent, from anywhere on earth and in every imaginable setting. But what...

Mustard's Last Stand - Exterior

8 Best Casual Outdoor Dining Spots in Chicago

Outdoor Dining in the Windy City Some of the best casual outdoor dining in Chicago include meals that are eaten standing up at a counter or at outdoor tables. Here...

Chicken breast topped with peas and sided by potato logs

Chicago's Chicken Vesuvio | Roadfood Bests

Chicken Vesuvio is served nowhere outside of Chicago, and even many Chicagoans are unaware of it. A dish of sautéed and baked, bone-in, skin-on parts of chicken and wedges...

Pizzeria Uno - Sausage Pizza

Chicago's Many Pizzas

It is not quite right that deep-dish pie gets all the attention when it comes to Chicago pizza. Yes, the forkworthy casserole-style pizza was first created in Chicago, in...


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