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Sandwiched between Montana and Washington state, Idaho’s panhandle stretches from the wheat-gold hills of a fertile table called the Palouse to the green timbered mountains of British Columbia. Ancestral home of the Nez Percé, it is pure paradise for souls who crave to get away from everything but nature. North of Coeur d’Alene, the town of Sandpoint is an isle of natural beauty and cultural sophistication, with culinary beacons that range from two-fisted diners to pinkie-in-the-air artisan coffee houses and local fare from huckleberry mojitos to huckleberry pie.

Sandpoint’s Most Famous Dishes

Chicken, gravy, and vegetables tumble from under the savory crust in which they were baked

Chicken Pot Pie

Apple pie is topped with a crust ribboned with streaks of caramel

Apple Pie

Double-crust pie with soft-chunk sweetened rhubarb inside

Rhubarb Pie

Wedge of pie with tall yellow base and even taller meringue, flecked with toasted coconut


Sandpoint’s Best Restaurants

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