Restaurants in Wailuku, HI

Wailuku is home of what may be Hawaii’s best malasadas, at Home Maid Bakery, where they are fried to order and served hot. It’s also a good place to get plate lunch, at Ichiban Okazuya Hawaii, where the specialty is katsu: pork or chicken cutlets sheathed with panko breadcrumbs and fried to a dark gold crisp. Two diners worth a visit are Sam Sato’s for its dry noodles: thick ones tossed in garlic-butter dressing, laced with BBQ pork, sprouts, and green onions; and town favorite Tasty Crust for banana pancakes and wonderful loco moco, which some say is capable of curing hangovers.

Wailuku’s Most Famous Dishes

Wailuku’s Best Restaurants

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