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Hephzibah’s Most Famous Dishes

A single fried shrimp with crisp crust so thin you can see through it.

Fried Shrimp

Close view of flaps of marinated, stir-fried beef


Light gold crescents are crisp-fried dumplings

Yaki Mandu

Crisp-fried whole founder, topped with lemon wedges, is scored so it is easy to fork up bite-size pieces at Hyman Seafood in Charleston, SC


Hephzibah’s Best Restaurants

Hosanna Fish Market


Bacon cheeseburger, fully dressed ... good quick eats
Come N Get It Grill | Good Quick Eats | Hephzibah, GA


Rib dinner in Styrofoam ... where the good food is
Dennis BBQ | “Where the Good Food Is” | Augusta GA


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