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Tampa is home of the single most spectacular restaurant of Florida’s west coast, and one of the grandest steak houses on earth: Bern’s. The legendary menu lists prime steaks ranging from petite filets mignon to five-pounds+ sirloins to feed a half-dozen carnivores. Bern’s wine list is epic — it includes about 100 dessert wines — and its ambience is baronial. Beyond steak, Tampa has a meal for everyone; but its great glory is Latin food. Just stroll along East Seventh Avenue and sniff the luxurious aroma of syrup-thick espresso, of Gulf shrimp along with onions and peppers and garlic sizzling in olive oil, of steamy loaves of hot Cuban bread sliced lengthwise and dripping butter. If you have time for only one Cuban meal in town, the place to go is La Teresita, which started as a grocery store, grew into a lunch counter, and now is a full service restaurant with a menu of such emblematic dishes as ropa vieja, puerco asado, and oxtail in red sauce.

Tampa’s Most Famous Dishes

Timbale of flan awash in caramel syrup


Pressed-flat sandwich squeezes roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard.

Cuban Sandwich

Shredded skirt steak and peas on rice, accompanied by caramelized plantain

Ropa Vieja

Porterhouse steak, sliced and ready to eat


Tampa’s Best Restaurants

La Teresita - Puerco Asada
La Teresita


Kojak’s House Of Ribs


California Tacos


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