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West Haven’s Most Famous Dishes

Close view of a New Haven pizza topped with thin discs of pepperoni

Pepperoni Pizza

Extreme close-up of sausage bites in a drift of melted cheese on a thin-crust pizza

Sausage Pizza

A mound of "dirty rice" and cup of gravy accompany a pastry crescent filled with beef and pork sausage

Meat Pie

A giant slice of cherry pie occupies a full plate and is topped with a half-pint of vanilla ice cream.

Cherry Pie

West Haven’s Best Restaurants

Zuppardi’s Apizza


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Is there another dish as diverse as pizza? It can be an utterly simple tomato pie – nothing but sauce on crust – or it can be a multi-meat...

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Sausage pizza with slight char on its crust

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Connecticut did not invent pizza, but a good argument can be made that Connecticut perfected it. The evidence is in New Haven, on Wooster Street, home of Frank Pepe...


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