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We’ve never actually seen a Southbury business district, but it’s a place we love driving through for a trio of Roadfood favorites., among them the least promising convenience store chicken shack called Patty’s Pantry. One bite of Patty’s crisp-crusted, succulent chicken puts all superficial prejudice aside and makes one realize that great fried chicken is not just a southern thing. Southbury also is home to the Laurel Diner, a lovely vintage hash house where sitting at the counter and watching the short-order cooks make corned beef hash is a mesmerizing experience. As for the hash itself, it’s among the best anywhere: a mix of brittle-crisp shreds of beef along with moist, brick-red filaments of beef whose pickly zest is perfectly balanced by soft pieces of potato. Finally, a favorite Roadfood destination is Denmo’s Snack and Dairy Bar. It’s an old-time drive-in with picnic-table seating and eat-in-the-rough service. (Place your order at the window, pay, and wait to pick up the meal when it’s ready.) Foot-long hot dogs are available with exclamatory hot relish, which is a central Connecticut passion. Denmo’s fried seafood is exemplary, as is a repertoire of made-from-scratch soups.

Southbury’s Most Famous Dishes

On a sunny picnic table, fried clams are piled high in a red-checked cardboard boat.

Fried Clams

Picked lobster meat is piled high in a long bun that has been butter-grilled on its sides ... Maine lobster roll

Lobster Roll

Kielbasa soup with tortellini & greens


A plate of silk-smooth broiled scallops in a puddle of lemon-caper butter


Southbury’s Best Restaurants

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