Restaurants in Newtown, CT

With easy-off, easy-on access from I-84, Newtown is a travelers’ favorite stop between New York and Massachusetts. Right at Exit 10 is the 24/7 Blue Colony Diner, which is one of those gargantuan gleaming eat-palaces with a multi-page menu, a twirling display of outrageously large pastries, and a truly excellent hot turkey sandwich. A different kind of diner — small and cozy — is the Sandy Hook Family Diner, where locals go for breakfast. A short drive down Route 25 are artisan Mexican food at Mexicali Rose and hot dogs in split Yankee buns at the Botsford Drive-In. Route 25 happens to be home to what many consider to be some of the best pizza in Connecticut (ergo the world) at Carminuccio’s. Do try the “Stern special,” topped with sausage and a crowd of roasted garlic and red peppers. Carminuccio’s also makes hugely satisfying stuffed breads: long, savory loaves cooked around such ingredients as pepperoni and cheese or broccoli and sausage.

Newtown’s Most Famous Dishes

hot dog with hot mustard and relish

Classic Hot Dogs

Four cups of salsa, ready to apply to a meal


Hot dog topped with beefy chili ... beer billiards and burgers

Chili Dogs

Pink, butter-sauced shrimp surround a mound of thin spaghetti noodles


Newtown’s Best Restaurants

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