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To Roadfood folks, Newington is a hot dog haven. Among its stars are Doogie’s, which offers 2-foot and 16-inch dogs in addition to mere ten-inchers; Chef’s Dog House, where customers choose from over two dozen toppings and condiments; and even a place named Goldburgers, which, in addition to its excellent burgers, serves a panoply of all-beef or beef-and-pork dogs configured in multiple ways, as slaw dogs, chili dogs, Chicago dogs, and one called Crouching Hot Dog, Hidden Jalapeno. A few miles west of town, in New Britain, Capitol Lunch has earned decades of fans (who know it as Cappy’s) for its snappy chili dogs.

Newington’s Best Restaurants

Doogie’s - 2 Foot Wiener


Chef’s Dog House




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