Restaurants in Newington, CT

To Roadfood folks, Newington is a hot dog haven. Among its stars are Doogie’s, which offers 2-foot and 16-inch dogs in addition to mere ten-inchers; Chef’s Dog House, where customers choose from over two dozen toppings and condiments; and even a place named Goldburgers, which, in addition to its excellent burgers, serves a panoply of all-beef or beef-and-pork dogs configured in multiple ways, as slaw dogs, chili dogs, Chicago dogs, and one called Crouching Hot Dog, Hidden Jalapeno. A few miles west of town, in New Britain, Capitol Lunch has earned decades of fans (who know it as Cappy’s) for its snappy chili dogs.

Newington’s Most Famous Dishes

hot dog with hot mustard and relish

Classic Hot Dogs

Condiment array at an al fresco hot dog stand


Long roll holds shredded beef, molten cheese, and grilled onions

Cheese Steak

Well-dressed foot-long hot dog extends beyond its bun.

Foot Long Hot Dog

Newington’s Best Restaurants

Doogie’s - 2 Foot Wiener


Chef’s Dog House




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