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Of course, excellent seafood abounds in and around the seaport city of New London — lobster rolls, fried clams, and fish & chips on picnic tables at roadside shacks as well as fine dayboat scallops, swordfish, and flounder in restaurants with tablecloths. Its location at the eastern end of Connecticut means that many eateries offer two or sometimes even three kinds of chowder: creamy New England-style, Manhattan chowder loaded with vegetables, and uniquely regional steel gray clear-broth chowder with no cream and no vegetables other than potatoes along with clams, broth, and seasonings. New London also is home to Kamp Dog, which stands out even in a state with so many excellent weenies. The signature Kamp Dog is fried in oil on the griddle and tucked inside a New England-style buttered and grilled bun, then topped with meaty, spicy/sweet dynamite sauce, nacho cheese, and chopped onions.

New London’s Most Famous Dishes

Thick, horseshoe-shaped sausage ring is tightly cased.


Hot dog topped with beefy chili ... beer billiards and burgers

Chili Dogs

A huge hunk of puffy-crisp crusted fish is perched on a bed of thin truffled French fries

Fish & Chips

Crisp-edge, creamy-center French fries sprinkled with salt

French Fries

New London’s Best Restaurants

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