Restaurants in Hamden, CT

There are plenty of good things to eat in New Haven, Connecticut, but locals often head north a few minutes into Hamden, an adjoining suburb known for the good old Glenwood Drive-In. This 60+ years old veteran is known for foot-long hot dogs with dazzling hot relish, crusty onion rings, and hot lobster rolls glistening with butter. Whatever else one gets, chili cheese fries are a must. Another great Hamden destination is Wentworth’s Ice Cream, where sundaes topped with hot fudge and hot peanut butter are swoonful. For a slightly out-of-town taste of New Haven, Eli’s is a source of excellent brick-oven pizza with a verge-of-char crust, including the famous freshly-shucked white clam pie, as well as calzones, stuffed breads, and a “big Italian salad.”

Hamden’s Most Famous Dishes

Long metal dish holds ice cream, syrup, chopped nuts, and whipped cream.

Ice Cream Sundaes

Char-crusted pizza speckled with clams, garlic, and herbs

White Clam Pizza

Extreme close-up of sausage bites in a drift of melted cheese on a thin-crust pizza

Sausage Pizza

Pizza is crowded with meats, veggies, and feta cheese


Hamden’s Best Restaurants

Eli’s Brick Oven Pizza and Market


Wentworth’s Ice Cream


Glenwood Drive-In - Chili Dog
Glenwood Drive-In


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