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The shoreline community of Guilford, Connecticut, is built around a lovely town green, which is where you will find the elegant bakery called Hen & Heifer. The proprietor, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, is noted for his banoffee pie (a combination of toffee and banana) and chocolate shortbread cookies made in the shape of a cow. More inland, along Route One, are the tiny Bufalina, where handsome artisan pizzas are the specialty, and Bishop’s Orchards, which is a pick-your-own fruit destination as well as take-out bakery. Also on Route One is a venerable al fresco joint called The Place — a virtual picnic where chairs are tree stumps and the littleneck clams, lobsters, and corn-on-the-cob are roasted on a grate over an open fire pit. Any accoutrements — including bread and salad, wine and beer (and glasses for wine and beer, if desired) — customers bring their own.

Guilford’s Most Famous Dishes

Pizza is crowded with meats, veggies, and feta cheese


Opened and ready-to-eat littleneck clams in a bowl of white wine sauce with pasta and herbs


Sweet corn with pepper spice


Gooseberry (and other berry) tart


Guilford’s Best Restaurants

Rugged loaf of tan banana bread, sliced to reveal that it's packed with chocolate chips and walnuts
Bishop’s Orchards


Hen & Heifer


The Place




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