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Submarines are made in Groton — warships, that is — and there are plenty of places in and around town that make sub sandwiches, which here are known as grinders rather than subs. Tubular sandwiches aside, the thing you want to eat in this sub base (which is home of the Submarine Force Museum) is seafood. Lobster is eaten al fresco at picnic tables either whole or picked and butter-sopped, packed into a bun as a lobster roll. Curiously Groton is home to an out-of-the-way bubble tea shop called SnoTea, which also serves multi-flavored jelly ice.

Groton’s Most Famous Dishes

One big, bright red, ready-to-eat lobster perches atop a pile of steamer clams on a paper placemat.


Pepper-hot jelly garnishes crisp grilled flounder


Picked lobster meat is piled high in a long bun that has been butter-grilled on its sides ... Maine lobster roll

Lobster Roll

A bowl of thick, creamy chowder, loaded with clams and sprinkled with green onion

Clam Chowder

Groton’s Best Restaurants

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