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Once known as The Hat City, home of Stetson, Danbury today has a handful of normal, square-meals American cafes and diners plus a grand steak house called Jim Barbarie’s, but its glory is ethnic fare. The tiny Goulash Place, which is the owner’s home as well as a restaurant, offers three kinds of goulash, textbook-right chicken paprikash, wiener schnitzel, and palacinki (crepes) for dessert. Amigo’s Deli is a Latin-American diner, butcher shop, and grocery store where roast pork perfumes the dining room and the Cuban sandwich is splendid. Stanziato’s is home of true Neapolitan pizza. And Sesame Seed specializes Middle Eastern food with copious vegetarian options. Then there’s JK’s, which serves its own unique version of what New Jersey folks call a Texas hot wiener. It’s a small split and grilled-crisp frank topped with mustard, onions, and meaty hot sauce with a serious chili-pepper kick.

Danbury’s Most Famous Dishes

Glass mug of Coca-Cola on a table in a bar

Soda Pop

A pair of crisp-skinned pork sausages on a puddle of orange-apricot jam

Pork Dishes

Pressed-flat sandwich squeezes roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard.

Cuban Sandwich

Four long lengths of bread glistenwith butter and are loaded with bits of garlic

Garlic Bread

Danbury’s Best Restaurants

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