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Bethel, once the home of showman P.T. Barnum, is small town with a sassy culinary personality. The Sycamore Drive-In boasts old-fashioned car hop service, house-made root beer, Dagwood burgers, and summertime cruise nights attended by everybody with a cool car to show off. Just a few yards away is Dr. Mike’s, home to ultra-rich, super-premium ice cream made in 5-gallon batches since the 1970s. Just east of town is Bethel Hot Dog Palace, where foot-long chili dogs verge on ferocious and variations include slaw dogs, Reuben dogs, Chicago dogs, Texas dogs, and double-deluxe dogs in a long roll with cheddar cheese, bacon, chili, and French fries.

Bethel’s Most Famous Dishes

Burger on a tender bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo ... car hop service

Grilled Hamburger

Pizza is crowded with meats, veggies, and feta cheese


Scoops of strawberry, pistachio, and vanilla ice cream accompany a slice of 4-layer chocolate cake.

Ice Cream

A frosty mug set on a boomerang-formica table holds effervescent root beer. ... car hop service

Root Beer

Bethel’s Best Restaurants

Bethel Hot Dog Palace - Chili Dog
Bethel Hot Dog Palace


Pizzeria Lauretano


Dr. Mike’s | Small Batch Artisan Ice Cream | Bethel, CT


Sycamore Drive-In - Exterior Night
Sycamore Drive-In | Car Hops Burgers and Root Beer


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