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California’s capital city, home to over half a million people, Sacramento has restaurants with dishes that satisfy every sort of craving, from Cornish pasties at the Pasty Shack to gluten-free “adult grilled cheese and tomato soup” at Pushkin’s restaurant. It’s an especially good breakfast city — note the chile verde hash and green tomato Benedict at Bacon and Butter and the giant, fluffy pancakes at Pancake Circus — and it is home of the Squeeze Inn and its amazing cheeseburgers. What makes these burgers different is the cheese. It gets piled in shreds onto a flipped, grilling patty. Heat causes the cheese to melt and to flow like lava out beyond the edges of the hamburger it covers. When it hits the grill it sizzles and starts to cook. By the time the cook lifts it off the metal, the circumference of the cheese has become brittle-crisp, an inner aura closer to the meat is chewy and pliable, and the cheese that has remained on top is creamy smooth. It’s a short-order work of art.

Sacramento’s Most Famous Dishes

Strawberry shake in a tall soda fountain glass is accompanied by a silver beaker of extra milk shake for refills


Traditional eggs Benedict, topped with hollandaise, perched upon Canadian bacon and English muffin halves. Hash browns in the background

Eggs Benedict

Three different local honeys are offered for dipping Madeleines


Chunks of pork are cosseted in a thick puree of green chilies

Green Chile

Sacramento’s Best Restaurants

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