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Gastronomes know the California Central Coast town of Pismo Beach as home of the pismo clam, which once was superabundant on its beaches. In fact, in the mid 20th century, the city called itself The Clam Capital of the World; and while it still hosts a clam festival in the fall, overharvesting has made the pismo clam a rarity. But the white-sand beaches still are here, as are waves right for surfing. For snacking on the stroll, folks enjoy the Farmers Market at the end of Pomeroy Avenue, and for sit-down meals, the city offers giant state-fair cinnamon rolls at Old West Cinnamon Rolls, breakfast burritos and sandwiches at Hoagies, and over in Grover Beach, Thai fare at Bunn Thai Bistro, where the motto is, “Gateway to living a healthy life.”

Pismo Beach’s Most Famous Dishes

Spiral round pastry on a plate is covered with cinnamon and sugar outside and in

Cinnamon Roll

Opened-up burrito reveals chile-infused beef.


Bakery-fresh loaf of Italian bread, resting on the bag it was sold in

Bread & Rolls

Crab legs top a Lowcountry boil of shrimp, potatoes, corn and sausage


Pismo Beach’s Best Restaurants

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