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Its waterside location is no lie: There is excellent seafood to be eaten in Morro Bay. Best dishes include the smoked scallop wrap and fusion fish taco at Tognazzini’s Dockside Too and the crab quesadilla at Giovanni’s Fish Market and Galley (which also happens to sell rare abalone from its market). Non-seafood destinations include Hofbrau der Albatross, which, despite its name, serves no albatross but does feature a memorable French dip sandwich (as well as offering an Embarcadero setting) and Taco Temple, which is known for abundant salads, loaded taquitos, and stuffed jalapenos … as well as a calamari taco, which includes all the taco ingredients piled into a tray along with matchstick potatoes and sweet mango sauce: fork required!

Morro Bay’s Most Famous Dishes

View of Morro Rock from the tables of Tognazzini's Dockside Too

Morro Bay

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