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For fans of Roadfood, Glendale, California, is memory lane. It is home of the original Porto’s Bakery & Cafe, known since 1960 for its Cuban-accented pastries and such sandwiches as flank steak, barbecued guava pulled pork, and a traditional Cuban mix. Dinah’s Original Recipe Fried Chicken, which offers gizzards and livers in addition to more familiar parts, has been a local favorite since 1967. Yaki’s the Original Teriyaki Bowl says that it was the first place to think of putting teriyaki in a bowl back in the 1990s; that’s now a common way to serve it throughout southern California. The Black Cow Cafe is the place to be for such breakfasts as a chile-stuffed skillet, a cow Benedict on a croissant, a cinnamon roll with caramelized apples, and toasted zucchini raisin bread with cream cheese.

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