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For fans of Roadfood, Glendale, California, is memory lane. It is home of the original Porto’s Bakery & Cafe, known since 1960 for its Cuban-accented pastries and such sandwiches as flank steak, barbecued guava pulled pork, and a traditional Cuban mix. Dinah’s Original Recipe Fried Chicken, which offers gizzards and livers in addition to more familiar parts, has been a local favorite since 1967. Yaki’s the Original Teriyaki Bowl says that it was the first place to think of putting teriyaki in a bowl back in the 1990s; that’s now a common way to serve it throughout southern California. The Black Cow Cafe is the place to be for such breakfasts as a chile-stuffed skillet, a cow Benedict on a croissant, a cinnamon roll with caramelized apples, and toasted zucchini raisin bread with cream cheese.

Glendale’s Most Famous Dishes

Fried Chicken

Spiral round pastry on a plate is covered with cinnamon and sugar outside and in

Cinnamon Roll

Bakery-fresh loaf of Italian bread, resting on the bag it was sold in

Bread & Rolls

Traditional eggs Benedict, topped with hollandaise, perched upon Canadian bacon and English muffin halves. Hash browns in the background

Eggs Benedict

Glendale’s Best Restaurants

Black Cow Cafe Chile Stuffed Skillet
Black Cow Cafe


Dinah’s Family Restaurant




Strawberries atop a croissant at Porto's Bakery and Cafe
Porto’s Bakery and Cafe


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