Restaurants in Lake Village, AR

Lake Village’s Most Famous Dishes

Tamales wrapped in corn husks

Hot Tamales

Dark orange wedge of sweet potato pie

Sweet Potato Pie

Bakery shelf holds rows of cupcakes.


Plate crowded with breakfast of eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, and ham ... sweet Ozark eats

Breakfast Dishes

Lake Village’s Best Restaurants

Rhoda Adams shows a box of tamales ... Mississippi Delta destination
Rhoda’s Famous Hot Tamales


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Interstate Bar-B-Q - Sign

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The magic of Highway 61 from Graceland down deep into the Mississippi Delta, through cotton fields and past speck-on-the-map small towns, is all about the blues. You might be...

Pies Across Arkansas

Which is America's #1 pie state? Iowa, Wisconsin, Oregon, and Maine all are contenders, but we're tempted to give the nod to Arkansas. Cream pies and fruit pies, baked...

Delta Tamales

From the street corners of Memphis through the Mississippi Delta, tamales are sold in eateries of every kind. There is no clear explanation for the ubiquity of a Mexican...


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