Restaurants in De Valls Bluff, AR

Halfway between Memphis and Little Rock, the town of De Valls Bluff has been a hungry travelers’ oasis for years. Starting in 1977, when Mary Thomas opened The Family Pie Shop in a former bicycle shed attached to her home, it became known to pie lovers as an essential stop for double-crusters, sweet potato pie, Karo nut pie (aka pecan pie), and flaky-crusted fried pies filled with apples or peaches. The Family Pie Shop closed after Mary passed away in 2016, but the pie banner still flies high thanks to Miss Lena’s Pies, a converted mobile home that sells whole pies as well as pies by the slice to travelers who eat them off their dashboards. (There’s no indoor seating.) But that’s not all. The tiny town (population 600) just minutes off I-40 also is home of Craig’s, a blue-ribbon barbecue parlor known for diabolically spicy sauce (mild also is available) on butter-tender shreds of pulled pork.

De Valls Bluff’s Most Famous Dishes

Wedge of pie with tall yellow base and even taller meringue, flecked with toasted coconut


Hand-holdable crescent pie crust contains apricot filling

Fried Pie

Two rib bones are laden with a great mass of spice-crusted, smoke-cooked beef

BBQ Ribs

Finely chopped pork and cole slaw piled in a bun

Barbecue Sandwich

De Valls Bluff’s Best Restaurants



Ms. Lena’s Pies


Family Pie Shop - Apricot Fried Pie
Family Pie Shop


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