Jane’s Diary: A fan favorite collection of stories told by the legendary Jane Stern

A lifelong collection of stories

Told by Jane Stern

Jane Stern and her collection of stories tell of the joys, heartaches and heartburns of eating 12 meals a day, including between-meals encounters with America. The Sterns’ lifelong road trip is here told in vignettes that show the funny, scary, exhilarating, and ultimately delicious experiences in store for adventurous eaters.

Check out some of our favorite stories:

Jane’s Diary: Rolls Royce Taste On a Burger Budget

Jane’s Diary: A Bad Case of Affluenza

Jane’s Diary: The Wedding Feast

In 1971 when we got married, a wedding was not the big deal it is today. As I remember, weddings back then involved reading a meaningful passage from The...

Jane’s Diary: The Big Screen (Part 2)

I have always believed in hunches, in signs and symbols, in the universe sending me a message. The day of the Roadfood Festival I ignored everything. God Himself would...

Jane’s Diary: The Big Screen (Part 1)

When Roadfood was simply a book, a businessman named Stephen Rushmore got in touch with us. Mr. Rushmore was a Roadfood fan, wealthy and well-connected. He asked us to...

Jane’s Diary: Trade-io

In the first few decades Michael and I spent criss-crossing the country looking for Roadfood,...

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