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Pudding defies any sort of culinary pigeonhole. It is an elemental dessert in diners (where vanilla pudding is known as a “sleigh ride special” and tapioca pudding is “fish eyes and glue”); and it has inspired soigne chefs to create the likes of lime-scented poppy-seed mango rice pudding served by Marcus Samuelson in New York’s Aquavit and chocolate-praline pudding with cinnamon cream that Charlie Trotter used to serve in Chicago. Indian pudding was the first thing American Colonists learned to cook; Banana pudding was Elvis Presley’s favorite snack.

Rice pudding, chocolate pudding, banana pudding, sticky toffee pudding, crème brulee, and caramel custard are known throughout the land, but there are some kinds of pudding that retain cultural identity: Indian pudding and Grape-Nuts pudding in New England, Indiana persimmon pudding, Dixie sweet potato pudding, Creole bread pudding with whiskey sauce, Mexican-restaurant flan, Italian-restaurant zabaglione and panna cotta, Jewish-deli kugel (noodle pudding that can be savory or sweet), and southern spoonbread.

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Custard, sliced bananas, crumbled Nilla wafers, and meringue are crowded in a diner bowl

Banana Pudding

Dinner plate holds spiced whitefish crowned with smoked salmon, gilded with creamy-sweet shrimp sauce laced with dill and sided by a ramekin of cranberries.

Bishop’s Fish Pudding

Dense square of bread pudding is awash in creamy, sweet whiskey sauce

Bread Pudding

A bowl holds dark chia pudding topped with spiced puffed rice and slices of caramelized banana

Chia Pudding

A crockery cup holds midnight-dark chocolate pudding topped with snowy-white whipped cream.

Chocolate Pudding

Large mound of corn pudding plays a supporting role on a disposable diner plate.

Corn Pudding

Two smooth white scoops of frozen custard perch atop a cone


A soda fountain glass holds chunky pudding veined with Grape-Nuts cereal.

Grape Nuts Pudding

Grainy, dark russet pudding is topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Indian Pudding

Broad bowl holds dark, dense pudding awash in caramel sauce and heavy cream.

Other Puddings

Wild rice becomes a pudding with hazelnuts, craisins, heavy cream, and maple syrup

Rice Pudding

Bowl full of white chocolate bread pudding is streaked with raspberry jam

White Chocolate Bread Pudding

Best Pudding Restaurants

Silver Skillet

Atlanta, GA

Duke Sandwich Co.

Greenville, SC

Hart’s Turkey Farm

Meredith, NH

Matthews Cafeteria

Tucker, GA

Cole Farms

Gray, ME


New Orleans, LA

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