Pork Roll

Sliced thin and pan fried, pork roll is a processed meat product that frequently is used in sandwiches, but is most popular as breakfast meat in lieu of higher-on-the-hog options such as bacon, sausage, or actual ham. Packed into a hard roll with egg and cheese (a configuration known in diner slang as a Triple Bypass), it fairly gushes fatty savor. A single slice supplies 26% of the fat recommended in a normal daily diet.

Frequently known by one of its brand names, Taylor Ham, pork roll was created before the civil war by New Jersey resident John Taylor. Until the government determined that Mr. Taylor’s product did not meet the definition of ham, it was known as Taylor’s Prepared Ham. Pork roll remains a New Jersey passion, loved with mischievous glee by homesick Garden Staters who are adamant that it is nothing like Spam or bologna or scrapple.


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