Onion Bread

A bakery specialty of old New York, onion bread is a restaurant rarity, except in a handful of high-end prime steak houses where it is one of several buns and breadsticks offered before the meal. Onion rolls, on the other hand, are popular in many burger joints and sandwich shops, where they are an alternative to regular bread or an unadulterated roll. You’ll find them in the roast beef places north of Boston, such as Nick’s, where the super beef sandwich is a well-stacked pile of soft pink beef and all the condiments you choose on a big, soft, rectangular roll that is egg-yellow and laced with squiggles of onion.

Restaurants With This Dish

Aiken Fish House & Oyster Bar


Elisabeth’s | New Bedford Seafood | Sensational Scallops


Madonia Brothers Bakery


Harold’s New York Deli - Triple Decker
Harold’s New York Deli



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