Devil Dog

In general, a devil dog is a chili dog on which the chili is exclamatory or simply a hot dog garnished with plenty of hot jalapeno peppers. In particular, at Short Leash Hot Dogs in Tucson, it is a hot dog adorned with roasted red peppers, green chilies, sautéed onions, sriracha sauce, melted cheddar cheese, and enough chopped-up jalapenos to clear sinuses. Short Leash presents it in a trough of naan bread, which in this case is a welcome fire-dampening agent for the tongue.

Restaurants With This Dish

Knuckle Sandwich PBR B Q ... super hero sandwiches
Knuckle Sandwiches | Super Hero Sandwiches | Augusta, GA


Short Leash Hot Dogs | Wonderful Weird Wieners of Phoenix



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