Where to Eat in Montgomery, Alabama


For cheap, but delicious donuts, a local specialty called a West Indies Salad, tons of barbecue and other excellent restaurants and dishes, follow the list below of nine of the best restaurants in Montgomery, Alabama.

BBQ, Bar B Que and Bar-B-Q

  • There isn’t anywhere to eat at Brenda’s BBQ but do not let that steer you away, the staff there serves some excellent barbecue dishes. Although pig ears are indeed on the menu, we would recommend ordering the ribs or chopped pork sandwich, both were fantastic. Following your meal by devouring a sweet potato pie is an opportunity that is too hard to pass up.
  • While Fat Boy’s Bar B Que Ranch offers great meats such as the BBQ chicken dish and the pulled pork, the real magic comes from their fried pies. With crust so thin and flaky that they can’t be picked up, these pies, made with blackberry, apple or cherry filling, are not something to be skipped while in Montgomery.
  • Lannie’s Bar-B-Q Spot sells fantastic barbecue sandwiches. It doesn’t matter what you get, you must ask for cracklin, a sheet of fried pig skin that is crisp and tastes just like bacon, to be added. The “Swampburger,” which consists of a double cheeseburger, baloney, pulled pork, cracklin, sauce and whatever garnish you order is enough for two meals. They also offer more classic sandwich options such as pulled pork.

Biscuits, Donuts and Banana Pudding

  • Cahawba House operates in a region known for having a variety of great food options, breakfast is not one of them. This makes the food served at Cahawba House even more desirable. A unique option is their “build your own” biscuit, where customers get to pick their preferred toppings, some of which include apple butter, locally supplied honey and multiple jams and jellies.
  • Donuts are sold for under one dollar at Ross Donuts. Offering both sweet and savory options, they sell classic cake donuts, apple fritters and an excellent kolache which consists of dough wrapped around a savory cheese-laced sausage.
  • If the daily special menu offers banana pudding at Martin’s you must pause whatever you are doing and order it. There is no room for debate, it is a requirement. If banana pudding is not being served have no fear, Martin’s has a variety of other excellent dishes including baked chicken dinner, fried chicken and coconut pie for dessert.

Seafood and Meat-and-Two

  • Serving a regional favorite known as “West Indies Salad,” which consists of cold crab meat, onion and a tart marinade, Jubilee Seafood is a must-try for any seafood lovers in Montgomery, Alabama. They also serve grilled grouper which is a delicious dish, with perfectly cooked meat.
  • Technically a meat-and-two location, instead of the classic meat-and-three, Filet & Vine offers a great range of dishes. The menu consists of; fantastic pork chops, grilled vegetables and a variety of salads and sandwiches that are available to go. Filet & Vine also operates as a boutique grocery store, and proudly sells 15,000 bottles of wine and 600 different types of beer.

Brenda’s BBQ

Brenda's is a Montgomery, Alabama, brick shack that offers brightly-sauced southern BBQ, including ribs, chopped pork, pig ears, and chicken. Take-out only.


Fat Boy’s Bar B Que Ranch

Fat Boy's is a big, welcoming rural-themed BBQ parlor serving authentic smoke-cooked meals, as well as Alabama Camp stew, fried pies, and peach cobbler.


Lannie’s Bar-B-Q Spot

One of Alabama's best BBQ parlors, Lannie's is a 70+ year-old restaurant serving succulent smoke-cooked pulled pork and ribs as well as big hamburgers.


Cahawba House

For breakfast in Montgomery, Alabama, Cahawba House is a best best. Create your own biscuit sandwiches from top-notch ingredients. Lunch is served, too.


Ross Donuts

Open at 5:30am, Ross Donuts is a Montgomery, Alabama, destination for basic, low-cost donuts (cake & yeast), jelly rolls, fritters, and savory kolaches.



Martin's serves southern-style meat-and-three at its best: fried chicken, baked chicken, vegetables galore, plus pies that are the pride of Montgomery, Alabama.


Jubilee Seafood

Don't let its plain looks deceive you. Jubilee is a Montgomery hidden gem for outstanding seafood, including Alabama's unique West Indies Salad.


Filet & Vine

Montgomery, Alabama's Filet & Vine is a brisk, upscale meat-and-2 cafeteria / deli / bottle shop / butcher. Crowded, happy, and yummy.