Where to Eat in Montgomery, Alabama

by Michael Stern

Montgomery has great soul-food BBQ (at Brenda’s) and barn-party BBQ (at Fat Boy’s Bar-B-Que Ranch) and some of the best meat-and-3 anywhere (at Martin’s). Alabama’s capital city also reflects the Gulf Coast in glorious crab and fish at Jubilee Seafood. Here too is one of the largest stockyards in the east, where you will find a meat-lover’s paradise cafe: the Stockyards Grill (lunch only). For breakfast, check out the biscuits at Cahawba House or under-$1 donuts at Ross Donuts; and for diverse, upscale cafeteria lunch, Filet and Vine is a must. No visit is complete without a trip west, to Selma, and the legendary pulled pork at Lannie’s Bar-B-Q Spot.


Brenda’s BBQ

Brenda's is a Montgomery, Alabama, brick shack that offers brightly-sauced southern BBQ, including ribs, chopped pork, pig ears, and chicken. Take-out only.


Fat Boy’s Bar B Que Ranch

Fat Boy's is a big, welcoming rural-themed BBQ parlor serving authentic smoke-cooked meals, as well as Alabama Camp stew, fried pies, and peach cobbler.



Martin's serves southern-style meat-and-three at its best: fried chicken, baked chicken, vegetables galore, plus pies that are the pride of Montgomery, Alabama.


Jubilee Seafood

Don't let its plain looks deceive you. Jubilee is a Montgomery hidden gem for outstanding seafood, including Alabama's unique West Indies Salad.


Cahawba House

For breakfast in Montgomery, Alabama, Cahawba House is a best best. Create your own biscuit sandwiches from top-notch ingredients. Lunch is served, too.


Ross Donuts

Open at 5:30am, Ross Donuts is a Montgomery, Alabama, destination for basic, low-cost donuts (cake & yeast), jelly rolls, fritters, and savory kolaches.


Filet & Vine

Montgomery, Alabama's Filet & Vine is a brisk, upscale meat-and-2 cafeteria / deli / bottle shop / butcher. Crowded, happy, and yummy.


Lannie’s Bar-B-Q Spot

One of Alabama's best BBQ parlors, Lannie's is a 70+ year-old restaurant serving succulent smoke-cooked pulled pork and ribs as well as big hamburgers.