Wilmington, North Carolina Roadfood Favorites


From spectacular dive-bar burgers to elegant, cutting-edge cuisine, Wilmington, North Carolina, is an eater’s paradise. The burgeoning downtown dining scene includes high-stylin’ cafes with devoted farm (and sea)-to-table cookery as well as a vintage urban diner with a take-no-prisoners waitstaff, and bakeries with some of the best biscuits anywhere. For a great taste of Tarheel coast, check out these 9 Roadfood favorites.


Cast Iron Kitchen

In a strip-mall location, the Cast Iron Kitchen offers rustic decor and downhome food. Grits, corned beef, and pimento cheese sandwiches are notable.


Sweet N Savory Cafe

Three meals a day and a vast menu make Sweet N Savory Cafe a good choice for groups of diners with different tastes. From-scratch bakery is an asset.

Must Eats

Pine Valley Market

Specialty grocer, artisan butcher, renowned Wilmington caterer, Pine Valley Market also is a grand place to eat lunch, when creativity tempers tradition.


Winnie’s Tavern

Deluxe dive bar at the edge of Wilmington's downtown, Winnie's Tavern is famous for spectacular, well-dressed hamburgers.


Rolled & Baked

Great biscuits are the basis of an inventive menu in which southern classics are created with a modern twist. Rolled & Baked is one-of-a-kind-wonderful.


Dixie Grill

Wilmingtonians of every stripe flock to the Dixie Grill, a vintage diner serving square meals with a pronounced Dixie accent and plenty of hash house sass.


Pinpoint Restaurant

Pinpoint is a Wilmington beacon of high-end farm (and sea)-to-table fare that is original, radiant with flavor, and glossy-magazine beautiful.


The Basics

Creative versions of southern classics make The Basics a cozy, casual downtown destination for great meals prepared with flair but no pretensions.


Foxes Boxes

The Foxes Boxes is a unique, urban farm-to-table eatery where creative food (in little boxes) is from-scratch and where cultural and social virtues abound.