The 4 Best Places to Eat in Burlington, Vermont


By the Pint

The best thing to eat in Burlington, Vermont, is ice cream: Strafford ice cream from Rock Bottom Farm, ginger flavor in particular. We buy it by the pint at the City Market Co-Op and spoon it up in the car, because Rock Bottom Farm is not an eatery. Beyond this dreamy ice cream, Burlington is a bonanza of unique restaurants.

Other Than Ice Cream

How about very early breakfast at Myer’s Bagels, where the Montreal-style bagels come hot from the wood burning oven starting at 4am? There’s no mellower way to wile away morning hours than leisurely pastries and coffee at theĀ Chubby Muffin, where all provisions are local. Seekers of diner-style hot turkey sandwiches (or stupendously good burgers) will swoon with joy at the vintage Parkway Diner. And speaking of vintage, no culinary visit to Vermont’s biggest city would be complete without a burger and fries at Al’s French Frys.


Myer’s Bagels

Authentic Montreal-style bagels come hot from Myer's wood-fired oven starting at 4am. For bread-lovers of any persuasion, Myer's is a best Burlington eatery.


Chubby Muffin

An earnestly locavore, mellow-vibe coffee house/cafe/bakery/ice creamery where muffins are headliners and many vegetarian options are available.


Al’s French Frys

A diner/drive-in that harks back to the pre do-wop era, Al's serves first-rate French fries (frys) along with burgers, hot dogs, and fried chicken.

Must Eats

Parkway Diner

Vermont's Worcester Lunch Car Company #839 (The Parkway Diner) serves four-star diner fare, including the best hot turkey sandwich and extraordinary hamburgers.